Single Hung Replacement Window

With the same great quality of the standard single hung, and the availability of custom sizes, All Temp’s Single Hung Replacement Window is the perfect choice for all your replacement window needs.

1400 Single Hung Replacement Features:

Available in custom sizes down to 1/8” precision
Maintenance free – No painting, peeling, or corroding!
Available in custom sizes down to an 1/8” precision
Available in: White, Sandstone and Adobe colors
Sash Operation: Tilt Single Hung
Frame Material: Virgin Vinyl
Frame Construction: Fusion Welded on All Corners
Exterior Frame Appearance: Bold Brickmould
Frame Depth: 3″ box frame
Sill Design: Pocket Sloped Sill (for less air infiltration and better energy ratings)
Glass: High performance insulated glass (3/4” Insulated Glass Standard)

Available in:

  • LoĒ³
  • Tinted
  • Obscured patterns
  • With or without Argon gas filled
  • Tempered
  • Top and bottom glass units the same size for ease of replacement

Divided Lites:
3/4” boxed grids between the glass- GBG
7/8″ SDL in all standard colors can be added (with or without GBG)

Color matched to the window color
Easy release tilt latches
Optional fall protection sash limiter
Side jamb jacks and sill extension flange for easy installation

Sash Balances: Reverse Block & Tackle Balances
Screens: Color matched roll formed aluminum and charcoal fiberglass mesh
1st and 2nd floor egress available.
Energy Star certified

Structural Performance:
DP 40 Standard at 36″ x 72″ and below
DP 50 Optional at 36” x 60” and below
DP 50 Standard on all picture/fixed windows