Energy-Efficient LoĒ³-366 Glass Now Standard In All Temp Windows

Posted on by Kudzu Millwork

New windows make homes more energy-efficient, save homeowners money

RAINSVILLE, Ala. – All Temp vinyl windows now come standard with the highest quality energy-efficient glass available, Cardinal LoĒ³-366®. Branded as All Temp 3, the new All Temp 3 windows have the same look and quality you’ve come to trust from an All Temp window but with the added benefit of making homes more energy-efficient and saving homeowners’ money.

While some manufacturers charge extra for energy-efficient glass, All Temp 3 vinyl windows come standard with LoĒ³-366 glass, the highest quality energy-efficient glass available. All Temp Windows is the only vinyl window manufacturer in the Southeast to offer LoĒ³-366 standard in all windows.

“This upgrade costs us a minimal amount per window but it can save the homeowner so much money over time in their home,” said Robb Wilson, President of All Temp Windows. “One of our core values is to always do the right thing, and the right thing here is to offer customers the best window glass available.”

What is LoĒ³-366?

LoĒ³ is a microscopically-thin, virtually invisible triple coating deposited on the surface of the glass. The coating limits heat flow between glass panes and protects your home’s interior from damaging UV rays.

All Temp 3 windows have three coatings of LoĒ³ compared to competitors’ standard two coatings. All Temp 3 windows with standard high efficiency LoĒ³ glass helps reduce costly energy bills by combining a unique energy-saving design with technologically advanced glass. This keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

In addition to being more energy efficient, All Temp 3 vinyl windows are low-maintenance, easy to operate, and keep your home secure. Windows are available in a number of grid patterns and three colors.

About All Temp Windows

All Temp Windows has been in the window business for more than 35 years producing commercial grade aluminum windows while growing its vinyl window business. In September, 2014, All Temp Windows was purchased by Kudzu Millwork, Inc., and is now a leading vinyl window manufacturer. Learn more about All Temp Windows products at